Aluminium Ladder

Aluminium Platform Step Ladders
    Big Platform Steps Aluminium Scaffolding in Bangalore
    Sturdy, fire proof & rot proof.
    Solid Rubber Shoes on all legs on top and bottom
    Sizes from 3 to 20 feet's.
    Channel Section in 12 and 10 swg.

Aluminium Folding Ladders
Our customers can benefit from our products is to support the folding ladder to high-strength aluminum alloy for granted. This range is flexible and can be reduced by 8 inches and the excessive use in various industrial applications. Thanks to its mobility, which can be easily transported from place to place and are very different from carpenters, electricians, painters used to work at heights inaccessible.

Aluminium Tower Extension Ladders
Made from sides of "C" section and steps T Dia non slip corrugated tubing, complete with safety locks, rope, pulley, safety limit, rubber shoes, folding platform, safety rings, hand rails fitted to extending section. The ladder will be mounted on M.S. Wheels of 42" dia., axcel, spring leaves & handles for easy mevement.

Aluminium Telescopic Extension Ladders
Party, C, D, and the slide slip band steps corrugated tube with locks, auto wheel, border security, rubber boots, platform section of railing on the brakes. The scale on the wheel 42 MS;. Axcel slides will be mounted in the spring and leave mevement easy.

Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding
Introduce new products in the Indian market, aluminum scaffoldings. These products are high quality aluminum, with a maximum of metallic materials and sticky consistency and respect for the truth of the most stringent security requirements. High quality products in this area.

Aluminum Scaffolding Tower is the combination of ladder and work platform. Unlike ladder Scaffolding permits any person or persons to carryout overhead works of all natures in Civil / Electrical / Mechanical / Interior Decoration erection and routine maintenance of Plant & Machinery. Scaffoldings are manufactured in various designs to suit required heights and platforms measuring from 700 X 600 mm (Single Person), 700 X 1000, 700 X 2000 mm, 1400 X 2000 mm (more than one person).

The Scaffolding components are basically Head Aluminum Alloy. Frames are connected with quick release snap braces horizontally and diagonally to give required strength and stability. Scaffolding are manufactured in 1.5 M, 3M, 6M, 8M, 12M & 18M heights.

Extension Ladders
We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of self-supporting stairs slide mount. Scale in two triples and folds Hieghts Kamsun Force 45 feet (13.5 m) with a pulley and rope ladders, these special locks for lifting, lowering and closing with every step available. The leaders are known for their durability and are based on our use customers around the world. High strength aluminum alloy is used to ensure that leaders in the production of quality and safety of workers. Our Aluminium Work in Bangalore are Scaffolding HIre,Aluminium Scaffolding Rental,Aluminium Manufacturer in bangalore, Aluminium Scaffolding hire.

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